TView - Installation Instructions

The provision of the tournament data for the spectators must be initiated by the tournament management.

For this purpose there are (at least) the following three possibilities:

  1. File synchronization via Network or Dropbox.
    The monitor file "[license name]_[tournament name].json", which is automatically saved by SPORT, can be synchronized with the spectator's computer during the running tournament via a network or by means of a cloud service, such as Dropbox or ownCloud
    Users can thus access a copy of the json file and read it into TView as a local file.
    Unfortunately, an automatic update cannot be done in TView, because the internet browsers can only read the file after the user has initiated this manually for security reasons.

  2. Uploading the tournament data to the Internet
    The tournament management can continuously upload the monitor file "[license name]_[tournament name].json", which is automatically saved by SPORT, to an ftp server using various tools.
    For this purpose SPORT Software provides scripts either for the Windows Command Shell or the Powershell. One of the scripts (upload-turnier.*) has to run during the running tournament on the PC of the tournament manager to perform the upload whenever the tournament is saved.
    The upload scripts can be found here:
        Bat-Script: upload-turnier.bat / upload.bat
        Powershell: upload-turnier.ps1 / upload.ps1

    Server from SPORT Software
    For this purpose SPORT Software provides its customers with an ftp server. Access keys to the ftp-server are available on request at
    Please note that
    - SPORT Software cannot guarantee a 24/7 availability as well as the faultlessness of the ftp-server,
    - this server and all tournament files contained therein are visible worldwide,
    - the server is shared by all customers. Therefore we ask you to prefix the name of the json files with your license name, as the upload scripts do automaticlly:
          [license name]_[tournament name].json
    - the server may only be used to store these tournament files and
    - SPORT Software will silently delete all other files as well as tournament files older than one year.

    Own server

    If you prefer to upload the tournament data (e.g. with the above mentioned scripts) to your own web server, you can do so.
    Please make sure that you allow access to the directories where the json tournament files are stored on this web server. This can be done e.g. by adding the following line to the ".htaccess" file:
        Header add Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*".

  3. Install TView on your own webserver
    For this purpose SPORT Software provides the following zip archive:
    You have to unpack this archive once and copy it to a fresh directory on your web server. Afterwards you can call your local installation simply with the URL of the directory.
        Example: www.[]/tview

In cases 2 and 3 the json monitor file is available to tournament participants and spectators via Internet. The corresponding URL can be announced by the organizer, e.g. on a website or by notices at the venue. Here is an example:
    Test tournament of the SPORT Software


Using freely available Internet tools, an individual QR code can be generated from the URL. We have created the QR code on this page using the QR Code Monkey tool and integrated our company logo at the same time.


Note: Please note that the file synchronization techniques used are currently still under development. Therefore, there will probably be changes to the Tournament Viewer as well as to the update mechanisms. Suggestions are welcome.