Program Versions

1.1.7 (18.11.2018)
  • Bugs fixed in Swiss Ladder System:
    - In the draw of the first round the bye was not set when all players have been seeded.
    - New computed rounds have now always the maximal number of matches.
  • For match results, only the points of the loser have to be entered, the winners points are completed automatically.
  • Entering match results for very small screens has been improved.
1.1.3 (17.09.2017)
  • Translation to Slowak, thanks to Daniel Melus
  • Tournament size in round robin limited to maximal 8 groups of maximal 8 teams (due to screen limits)
1.1.2 (18.08.2017)
  • Super Melee / MonsterDYP (Draw Your Partner)
1.1.1 (22.07.2017)
  • Fixed bug: Chart in swiss ladder system was in reverse order
  • Export of a tournament as xml file: Match results are listed separate.
1.1.0 (19.04.2017)
  • Double elimination system
  • Hungarian language (thanks to Zoltan Varga)
1.0.1 (02.04.2017)
  • Fixed bug: In round robin, not all players/teams could be seeded
  • New feature: Tournaments can be shared (in html format) [Pro version]
1.0.0 (19.03.2017)
  • First version
0.1.0 (20.02.2017)
  • Beta test
8.0.1 (15.05.2014)
  • Large fonts on tablets
  • Miscellaneous bugs fixed.
8.0.0 (25.04.2014) First public test version