O< Tournament Manager

organizes tournaments

no matter, when and where
no matter, how many players

for all sports where two players or teams play against each other, like Darts, Billard, Foosball, Badminton, Pétanque, as well as fighting or team sports.

Easy to use
Quick setup
Professional tournament management.

Video Tournament setup in one minute (in German)

  Game, Set and Match


Tournament modes

1. Elimination Systems

Single Elimination

Single elimination

Classical knock-out, where the loser of a match is eliminated from the tournament.

Interactive match plan

Double Elimination

Double elimination

Knock-out variant with a loser side, where the losers of the matches play against each other. Those, who loose a second game, have finished.

Complete Elimination

Complete elimination

All teams play the same number of matches. The winner of a match plays with the other winners for the upper half of the positions, the losers play for the lower half.

2. Round Robin

All teams are partitioned into groups of equal size. In each of them all teams have to play against all others.

Group Plan

Group plan

Match Plan

Match plan



Due to the limited screen size of smartphones the number of groups is limited by 8 and the number of entries per group is limited by 16.

3. Swiss Ladder System

The swiss ladder system has its origin in chess, but is becoming very popular also in other sports. The system is an intelligent mixture of the round robin system and the elimination system. It is assures that

Round Plan

Round plan



Intermediate charts after every round

Final ranking

4. Super Mêlée / MonsterDYP

The Super Mêlée - also called MonsterDYP (Draw Your Partner) - plays double/tripple tournaments for a given number of rounds with changing partners. The software re-draws the teams in each round by random, preventing the same pairs to play twice with each other.

Seeded players are placed to different teams. So for example mixed tournaments can be organised by seeding all men to position 1. Then in each round they get paired with an (unseeded) woman. The same works for tournaments with players of very unequal strength. When professionals (which get seeded) get paired with unseeded hobby players, automatically balanced pairings are created.

The player with the most victories wins the tournament.

Tournament Organisation

1. Players



Players, can be registered for tournaments:

First and last name

Remark, e.g club or class

2. Setup Tournament



Name, location and date

Entry fee per team

Tournament mode: elimination, round robin, swiss ladder

Number of players per team (singles, doubles, ...)

Games per match and poins per game



Players, evtl. with team name

Seed position (1=top)

Entry fees paid?

Entry Fees

Entry fees

Registration list

Have the entries paid the fee?

Sum of fees

3. Draw and Enter Match Results

Match List


Ready matches start after entering the court number

Running matches await their result

Finished matches can be corrected

Match Results


Enter the match result

With minimal clicks, just tap on the player's points



Intermediate standings

Final charts

4. Online-Monitoring via Tournament Viewer - TView

Settings Cloud-Upload


No Cloud Upload

Own Cloud Server
ftp address and login data must be entered.

Upload to SPORT Software
Shared ftp-server for alle users of the SportApp.

File name
The file name of the uploaded tournament data contains of the club name and the tournament desccription.

When all data are complete,
- all 30 seconds an automatic upload takes place and
- the QR code of TView will be shown

TView URL as QR-Code


URL of the TView call

QR-Code of the TView call

Buttons to inform the spectators:
- Share the URL
- QR-Code to start TView
- Copy URL to the clipboard


In the Free Version the number of teams per tournament is limited by 16 and the tournament data cannot be imported/exported.

In the Pro Version the tournament size is unlimited, except in round robin where number of groups and teams per group are limited by 8.

SportApp Pro allows the import and export of players via a csv file interface from external sources, e.g. the SPORT Software.


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