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The Tournament Manager for Android is the perfect app for organizing tournaments easily. Whether Darts, Table football or any other competitive sport – this app makes it possible to set up tournaments quickly and professionally. A simple user interface makes it easy for you to organize tournaments and ensure stress-free planning and execution.

  Short video on tournament organization (in German)

Tournament Systems

1. Elimination Systems

Single Elimination
Single Elimination

Classical knock-out, where the loser of a match is eliminated from the tournament.

Double Elimination
Double Elimination

Knockout system with consolation round, in which also losers continue to play, until they lose a second time.

Complete Elimination
Complete Elimination

All teams play the same number of games. The winners play for the top half of the places, the losers for the bottom half.

2. Round Robin System

All teams are divided into groups of equal size. Within a group, each team plays against all the others.

Group Plan
Match Plan
Ranking List

Due to the limited screen size of smartphones, the number of groups is limited to 8 and the number of entries per group to 16.

3. Swiss Ladder System

The swiss ladder system has its origin in chess, but is becoming very popular also in other sports. The system is an intelligent mix of the round robin and the elimination system. It assures that

  • All teams have the same number of matches
  • Players of different skill levels can participate on the same tournament
  • Most of the matches, especially in the middle and end of the tournament, are between teams of nearly equal strength
  • Each team plays against many others, but never twice against the same.
Match Plan

There will be a random draw in the first round.
After each round of the tournament, an interim ranking list is created, according to which the draw for the following round is made. The attempt is made to let teams with the same number of wins play against each other. However, it is important that no game occurs twice during the tournament!

4. Super Mêlée / MonsterDYP (Draw Your Partner)

The Super Mêlée - also called MonsterDYP (Draw Your Partner) - new teams with changing partners are put together in each round. The software re-draws the teams in each round by random, preventing the same pairs to play twice with each other.

Seeded players are placed to different teams. So for example mixed tournaments can be organised by seeding all men to position 1. Then in each round they get paired with an (unseeded) woman. The same works for tournaments with players of very unequal strength. When professionals (which get seeded) get paired with unseeded hobby players, automatically balanced pairings are created.

The player with the most victories wins the tournament.

Tournament Progress

1. Enter Players


Players can be registered for a tournament:
First and last name
Field for comments, e.g. club affiliation, age etc.

List of Players
List of Players

List of players who can be registered for tournaments individually or in teams

Entry Fees
Entry Fees

Entry list for one tournament
Display which teams have paid the entry fee
Sum of entry fees

2. Set up Tournament

Tournament data
Tournament data

Name, location and date
Single or team event
Tournament mode (Elimination, Round robin, ...)
Number of sets and victory points per set
Entry fee per team

Entries and Seeds

Player and team names
Seeding position (1=Top)
Fee paid?

Conduct Tournament
Tournament methods

Match plan
Match results

3. Draw and enter Match Results

List of Matches
List of Matches

Ready matches: start by entering their court number
Running matches: await their result
Finished matches: can be corrected

Enter Match Results
Enter Match Results

Enter the match result with just a few clicks: simply tap on the loser's score


Intermediate standings
Final ranking

4. Online Monitoring with the Tournament Viewer

The Tournament Viewer (TView) is a free additional service for watching tournaments online.
This tool is not part of the Tournament App and is currently still in beta testing.
Settings Cloud Upload

No cloud upload
Own cloud server: ftp address and login data
Upload to SPORT Software: Shared ftp server for alle users of the app
File name: The uploaded file contains the club name and the name of the tournament
Wenn alle Daten eingegeben wurden,
When all data are complete
- the QR code of TView will be shown
- all 30 seconds an automatic upload takes place

URL as QR code
URL als QR-Code

Internet address of the tournament
QR-Code to call TView


Licenses for the Tournament Manager app can only be purchased via google play

In the Free Version the number of teams per tournament is limited by 16 and the tournament data cannot be imported/exported.

In the Pro Version the tournament size is unlimited, except in round robin where the number of groups and teams per group are limited by 16.

SportApp Pro allows the import and export of players via a csv file interface, e.g. to the SPORT Software.

Data Protection

The Free Version does not require any special Android rights because it does not access the smartphone's devices/sensors.

The Pro Version requires access to the Android file system (READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) to be able to export and import tournament data via file, as well as Internet access to be able to send the tournament data live to the cloud for tournament viewing via the Tournament Viewer.

Furthermore, the Tournament Manager does not access other devices/sensors on the smartphone, The app does not send any information (neither to SPORT Software nor to third parties) and does not contain any advertising or in-app sales.

The data entered by the user (tournaments and players) are stored exclusively in an SQLite database on the smartphone.

The login data of your own ftp server are only saved in the app's private preferences.

The user can use the contact form to send an unencrypted email to the app manufacturer.


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We offer to translate the app into other languages on request.