Internet  Tournament Viewer – TView

TView is an interactive webtool for observing a tournament organized with  Tournament Manager (Windows) or Tournament App (Android).


TView can be started using the following URL in any Internet browser:

However, it is easier by scanning the QR code.

TView starts with a sample dart tournament.

The desired tournament can be selected under "Tournament + Select new tournament".

Tournament Data

Display of the essential data of the tournament.

By the button “Load new tournament” a new tournament can be opened by entering the address of the json tournament file.
This file can be located either in the Internet or on your local hard disk.


Clubs, Players and Disciplines

In different tabs the players registered for the disciplines of the tournament are shown with their clubs.

Game Schedule

The game schedule shows the running and the ready to play games of one or all disciplines.


The results of all finished games of the selected discipline are displayed.


For each discipline the current status of the charts is shown.
Players without ranking are still actively participating in the tournament.


Two parameters can be added to the TView call:

  • [URL] is the internet address of the tournament published by the tournament management.
    An example darts tournament can be found at
  • [L] is the language. Without this parameter TView starts with German user guidance.
    As alternative language can be selected:

    • en for English
    • de for German
    • es for Spnish
    • fr for French
    • nl for Dutch
    • sk für Slovak.

    We offer to support other languages on request.


The Tournament Viewer is free of charge and can be used by anyone to monitor SPORT tournaments.
All components of the Tournament Viewer are provided "as is", i.e. without any warranty.
The licensors are not liable for any damages of any kind resulting from the software or in connection with its use.

Please note that the Tournament Viewer is still in the first trial phase. It is therefore not guaranteed that it will work without errors.
If you notice any problem, the developers would be pleased to hear from you.

Data Protection

The Turnier Viewer TView does not collect any user data.
The web server only collects the usual user statistics that arise during Internet use.

The language selected by the user and the URL of his tournament file are stored as a cookie in the local browser, so that the user does not have to re-enter these settings for each page.