Customer Comments

  • 9)   D.M., Oxford Open VII - Foosball, Australia
    SPORT, an organisers dream.
  • 8)   A.I., Quebec Table Soccer Association, Australia
    We are upmost impressed with your service.
  • 7)   P.G., British Foosball Association, UK
    As you can see in general the public feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the new system. From a tournament directors points of view it is incredibly useful, enabling us to use available tables very efficiently, and allowing us to try out new tournament formats and giving events a more professional feel. Its been incredibly reliable (always a concern with new software) and versatile. In short its been a great aid to the organisation.
    As an organisation we are extremely pleased with SPORT, with future tournament organisers looking forward to the many benefits it can offer us. I personally am very impressed with its ease of use and very rugged reliaibility, and would have no problem recommending it to other gaming organisations.
  • 6)   M.W., Oxford / Bangor, N. Wales, Foosball, UK
    Awesome tournament, So many good things came out of it. The SPORT software is just breathtakingly good, and can only get better as we learn to use the more advanced features. Swiss worked really well, everyone getting at least 12 games if they entered both events.
  • 5)   N.K., Oxford / Bedfordshire, Foosball, UK
    The Swiss system certainly seems to be the way forward and the computer package used made the tournament extremely efficient with tables being played on all the time, with people also knowing in advance what table they were playing on next.
    My only worry would be that using the Swiss System in Garlando tournaments in the UK, where everyone gets lots of games may disuade people from entering international tournaments, where they may not get so many games, where double elimination is the norm.
  • 4)   A.S., Wotton-U-Edge, Glos / Manchester, Foosball, UK
    The Sport programme was really impressive, 7 events(!) all finished by about midnight. It was also projected onto a screen so people could see how they were doing.
  • 3)   C.R., National Banner, Dallas, Texas, USA
    Thank you for your help. The tournament went great. The software was just that we needed. I've seen alot of programs but we like this one best.
  • 2)   J.B., Olympic Taekwondo Gothenburg, Schweden
    Thank you for the quick reply! Looking forward to, as always, use your superb software!
  • 1)   B.v.H., Kerkdrielse Badminton Club, The Netherlands
    You are not a day to late :-). I was crossing my fingers if I would get the licence on time, since we want to use it next sunday on our tournament. I know that I was a little bit late in ordering. But thanks to the wonderfull Internet and the speed of handling such requests, it all came together in time. Please keep up the good work on the program, it saves us a lot of pre-preparation time for the tournament.