Frequently Asked Questions

The Tournament Manager runs on all Windows operating systems since Windows 95.

The manual can be found as a pdf file (manual.pdf) in your installation directory C:\Program Files (x86)\SPORT631
You can also find the manual in various languages under the following links:
English / German / Dansk / Nederlands / Espanol.

We recommend to read the overview page in the manual to understand the general steps towards a tournament. This pdf document is also contained in your installation directory.
Furthermore, reading the faq (frequently asked questions) helps to overcome difficult situations.
And here, very short, the most important steps:
1. Set the tournament data, like name of the tournament or number of courts available)
2. Enter the events (Select Events in the left screen, the button with the sun = new)
3. Enter the entries (Entries in the left screen and sun-button)
4. Start the draw (button with red exclamation mark)
5. Open the plan and enter match results.

You can port the Tournament Manager to a new PC in the following steps:
1. Download the latest version of the Tournament Manager from the download area of this website.
2. Install the latest version on your new PC
3. Enter your language, sport, license name and license number the first time you open the software.

In most cases the connection to our server or the server itself has a temporary problem. Please retry later.
If you have permanent problems, you can request the software from us. We will send you the approx. 2 MB installation file by e-mail.

The Tournament Manager tries to save newly created tournaments in the installation directory (usually C:/Programs/SPORT6??). However, you may not have write access to this directory. Therefore you should select another directory with "File+Save as..." to which you have full access, e.g. the Desktop or Documents.

You need a separate discipline for each round:
1. All players play in the preliminary round (e.g. in the group system or in the Swiss system)
2. For the final round, another discipline (in the elimination system) must be created
3. After the preliminary round has ended, you can use the “Entries + Transfer” function to copy selected places (e.g. 1-8) to the final round.
Using the same scheme, you can also start a consolation round (e.g. for places 9-16).
However, please check the seeding positions before the draw for the final rounds, because the Tournament Manager is not able to suggest an optimal seeding for all combinations of preliminary round modes and number of transfered players.

No, the Tournament Manager is designed for a central tournament manager.
But it is possible to import and export single events. With this it is possible to enter a new event, while other events are still running. Later on, this event can be integrated into the running tournament.
And also, it is possible to export events from the main tournament, e.g. to organise them separately at a second location.

No, the Tournament Manager handles an arbitrary number of Events, Teams, Players or Referees. This allows you to set up tournaments of any size.

This is deliberately not provided for in the Tournament Manager. The draw has some random components. According to this understanding, a draw is final and can no longer be "corrected" manually.
This is to prevent a draw from being manipulated (e.g. by repeating it several times).
In an emergency, however, it is possible to access the backup file. This has the name *.bak.#.spo and is overwritten with every backup.

Select the match and press the print button (or alternatively ).
Please notice that the software starts printing only when the page of the printer is full. How many forms there will be printed on one printer page must be specified in the "Options+Referee forms". The actual number of stored referee forms is displayed in the forms button, just right beside the print button. When you want to force printing when the page is not completely filled, just press this button.

This is initially only possible in sports where it is normally permitted, such as football. In sports where draws are not allowed (such as badminton or table tennis) the Tournament Manager software does not accept ties.
In addition, the chosen tournament system must allow for undecided results. In elimination systems and the Poule system this is not possible because every game must have a winner.
However, if you play a discipline over one winning set and choose "99" or "999" as the points per set, drawn games are possible in this discipline. This mode is often used for timed games.

Select the match and press the delete-button (that's the one with the cross) or alternatively . The selected match will be brought back to the class READY.

In the display of the match plan for a disciplne, each result can be selected. Pressing the edit button (the one with the pencil) or the key combination "Ctrl+E" allows to enter the correct result. All other actions, like re-computation of the ranking, are done automatically by the software.

First you have to finish the actual running match of the player with a correct result. Eventually you can add a comment to this match in the correction mode.
After that the function "Player + Delete" removes the player from all events. He will be kept in the rankings when he has finished at least one match.

The function "Entry + New" adds an entry to an event, as it has been done before the event has been started.
But now this operation is not possible in any cases. For example in the elimination systems entries can be added only as long as there are byes in the tree. When the tree is completely filled, no more entries will be accepted.

Yes, this is possible via the seeding mechanism: All men must be assigned seeding position 1.
This ensures that they are not drawn into the same team. The unseeded players (here women) are then added to the seeded players so that only mixed doubles are formed.

This is necessary because the result of a match often needs some time to get known at the tournament organization. When the court would be blocked, no new match could be started in the meantime.

Please save the currently edited *.SPO file and note the situation in which the error occurred.
Please send both by e-mail to Sport Software.
We will endeavor to resolve the problem quickly and will contact you. If necessary, you will receive a software update (of course free of charge).